Türkçe Göster

To Soul of our Soul Reem
Invitation to Commemorate
the Martyr Children of Gaza

December 23rd, 2023 - Saturday 02:30 PM
Istanbul, Levent
(In front of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha Mosque)


My name is Zeynep. Believe me, there is no need for me to tell you who I am. Because I am writing this message without all my titles, as a human being with human dignity alone.

We are forced to live in an increasingly darkening world. The saddest thing is that neither you nor I with my two little children can do anything against this darkness that has evolved from egoism to pure tyranny. It is as if those who control the world order today, have brought us to our knees and are forcing us to watch silently as they ruthlessly kill our own children.

Gaza today is the front line of this drama. It is not an issue between two nations. Nor it is an issue for Muslims only. What is happening in front of our eyes is a manifesto of a new world order. A new order that we are forced to kneel, where the powerful can do whatever they want and come out with clean hands. It is the declaration of the age of ruthlessness that disregards international human rights, which we as humanity sought to achieve after so many centuries of calamities and wars.

The speed at which all our sacred institutions fall apart is so overwhelming that I no longer feel sorry for my kids, as I feel I too will witness the reign of darkness, if we don't do anything today. Today, more so than ever, hearts of compassion should unite. It is the time to put our differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder, come out from our comfort zones and speak up that we do not consent to this madness.

With that I would like to invite you on Saturday, December 23, 2023, at 2:30 PM to Istanbul Levent to commemorate the innocent martyrs of Gaza whose right to live have been brutally taken away from them.

Among the 10,000+ innocent souls, one was a three-year-old Palestinian girl called Reem. It means "Gazelle" in English. If you have seen the videos of her while she was still alive, you probably noticed too how fitting that name was for her. If she had lived, Saturday December 23rd would have been her 4th birthday.

Here is our action plan for Reem's Birthday:

Myself, my husband, my 6 years old daughter Hafsa and my 7 months old son Tugrul will be in front of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha Mosque in Istanbul Levent on December 23, 2023 at 2:30 PM. We will have Reem's 4th birthday cake which we'll never be able to enjoy. First of all, no matter how many people we will be, I want to start off by looking into each others eyes, hand to hand, we will take an oath that Regardless of their language, religion or race, we will never remain silent and we will do whatever we can to protect the children's right to live. Then, we will walk to the Israeli Consulate (which is a 5-minute walk away) to leave Reem's birthday cake in front of the gate.

Friends with compassion,
We may have disagreements and differences, but believe me, it is a matter for all of us to stand against this limitless evil that reaches out relentlessly to the lives of innocent children!

Therefore, regardless of your religion, language or race... Whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, Jew, Atheist, Deist, Liberal, Conservative, Communist, Rightist, Leftist, Young, Old, Turkish, Arab, Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Laz, Circassian... share this invitation and join us to on 23rd of December.

This event is in no way backed by any government, political party or an organization. We are a family of 4, normal citizens like you who simply want to live peacefully with no political agenda whatsoever. The reason we will gather in front of a mosque, is because the area is large enough for a gathering and it is close to the consulate where we can walk peacefully without being burden on others. I assure you that we will not shout any religious or political slogans. We will not respond with hatred to those who sow hatred.

Along the way we will sing the "Happy Birthday Song" for Reem which contrary to its English version means "Thank God you were born Reem". We will sing it with the intention of a universal hymn that unites us all.


Sound does not disappear in the universe. Our hope is that our voices on Saturday reach out to Reem and act as a sincere thank you letter for awakening our souls.

Hope to meet you too as a family on Reem's birthday.

Zeynep, Ömer
Hafsa & Tuğrul